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We provide ecological and adventure tours to the most beautiful region of Russia Primorsky krai: favorable climate, combination of rock massifs and sea landscapes, limestone caves and ancient silent volcanoes, lotus lakes, mountain rivers with waterfalls, exuberant flora and fauna allow to develop ecotourism, wildlife photography, fishing, river rafting, as well as mushroom, berries and taiga healing herbs picking.
We are the only company which provides Amur tiger and Amur leopard watching tours - the two rarest and most beautiful big cats in the world!
Big cats photography available dates:
Amur Leopards Photography Tour (Kedrovaya Pad')
Dec, 17 - Dec, 25 2019
Feb, 4 - Feb, 12 2020
Dec, 14 - Dec, 22 2020

Siberian Tigers Photography Tour (Lazo)
Jul, 22 - Jul, 30 2019
Aug, 12 - Aug, 20 2019
Nov, 1 - Nov, 9 2019
Jan, 21 - Jan, 29 2020

Amur Leopards & Siberian Tigers Photography Tour
Dec, 12 - Dec, 20 2019
Jan, 13 - Jan, 21 2020
Feb, 16 - Feb, 24 2020
Feb, 23 - Mar, 2 2020

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Olga Krasnykh
I am the founder and co-owner of Bohai Tour. I love my native region Primorye and my main goal is to preserve beauty and wilderness of our taiga. My business experience allows me to organize great service and my passion to travel makes our tours unforgettable! My favorite quote is "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." – Confucius.
Vitaly Kozlov
Vitaly is Olga's husband and co-owner of Bohai Tour. The best driver in Primorye, he will solve any difficult situation on the road and will show you the most inaccessible places of our region while driving off-road. Loves fishing and wild travel. Can cook great BBQ and delicious meals on open fire.
Yura Vaseev
Yura is the best ranger ever. He was born in the Far East and spent all his life in wild taiga providing animals watching tours (bears, tigers, leopards and wolfs) for tourists. Yura knows forest like his own home. Talks to leopards and tigers so they understand him so we call him "Dersu". He works in Leopard Watching tour and our tourists always see leopards or footprints.
I so enjoyed my time with you and Vitaly! Y'all are so much fun to be with...and the perfect hosts! You live in such a beautiful/natural part of the world! We need to get the word out!!! So I will mention you and your company!
Ms. Margaret Peavy Powers, USA
Thanks for a great tour! I am very happy the way this all worked out, the leopard of course. But also the logistics, yourself and Vitaly, the food. It is all excellent.
Mr. Martin Royle, UK
I went on a 7-day trip to Kedrovaya park to look for the Amur leopard and spent the whole time in a small observation hide in the forest. It was absoutely amazing and I saw a male leopard on three differet nights for long periods. Racoon dog, Siberian weasel and leopard cat also visited on different nights and the weasel also appeared during the day.
The organisation of the trip by Olga and Vitali was perfect and I can highly recommend Bohai Tours!
Jens Krause, Germany
I had traveled all the way to Vladivostok in search of Amur Leopards in Primorsky Krai.
My first time travel to Russia. First of all - Bohai tours especially Olga and her husband made sure we had everything to be comfortable in the sub-zero temperature. Food was excellent.
Everything was well planned and organized. My stay in the hide for more than a week was wonderful, though I did not get to see the Leopards but saw lots of pug marks and wildlife activity in the wild.
A very good experience for wild life lovers and also people who would want to explore all the wonderful aspects of the krai.

Thank You Bohai Tours for making it happen!!!
Mr. Durga Garapati, India
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